Our Products

We market surface, submerged and submersible pumps suitable for various uses in the domestic, industrial and agricultural fields.

We can also supply customers with individual components for assembling electric motors, such as stator winding inserted into the frame, rotors with shafts, manufactured shields, etc.
We produce single-phase and three-phase electric motors in sizes IEC 63 - 132 with wattage from 0.25 to 15 kW.

Our Electric Motor Trade

An electric motor is not only the combination of mechanical parts and mechanisms that operate it, but it is the best and most functional answer to long list of needs. These needs can be met thanks to the constant efforts of technicians, engineers and designers.

Samec, a company from Albinea in the province of Reggio Emilia, is dedicated to the production of electric motors for various applications and numerous uses, providing our clients with the latest products that are functional and durable over time.

International Presence

Our company not only serves the entire local territory of Emilia, but thanks to an extensive commercial network and collaborating companies scattered across Europe, we also implement the national and international trade of electric motors and components.

Motors for Compressors, Inverters and Industrial Machines

Samec's selection of products includes the following solutions:

  • asynchronous two-phase and three-phase electric motors
  • single-phase asynchronous motors
  • single-phase electric motors
  • high-efficiency electric motors

Available with power ratings ranging from 0.25 kW to 11 kW, all in different polarities and voltage levels, with axle heights between 63 and 132 depending on the intended use.

Fields for Use

The electric motors produced by Samec are employed in various areas of use.

For example, the three-phase asynchronous electric motor can be used in the food industry, ceramics, woodworking, car washing, fans, overhead cranes, textile machines or in automatic packaging machines and much more.

Our staff is always available for private consultations in order to help you find the right solutions for your needs.

Assistance for Electric Motors

 In addition to the electric motors, our company in Albinea also produces all single components, customising the production activities according to our customers' requests or even activating particular production lines upon special request.

Full Service

Samec assists clients during the entire production process, from the design phase to the manufacturing phase. We do this by matching the electric motor to the inside of the device or through using design concepts which are always different and articulated.

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