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Electric Engines

Samec produces three-phase and single-phase electric engines in sizes IEC 63 - 132, with voltage from 0.25 kW up to 15 kW in diverse polarity, frequency and voltage ranges. All are designed and manufactured both according to international standards and according to specifications requested by customers upon ordering.

The strong point of our company is that together with our clients, we are able to learn the specific features that the engine must have for a particular application.

Our structure provides us with great flexibility and the ability to manage the production even of small batches of fully-customised products.

Production is carried out directly within our production unit in Albinea (Reggio Emilia), allowing our company to follow and check the various construction phases, thus guaranteeing a high standard of quality for our product.

Catalogue of Electric Engines

What we produce can be briefly summarised as follows:

• asynchronous, single-phase electric motors
• electric motors with a hollow shaft for piston pumps
• asynchronous, three-phase electric motors
• specially customised motors for clients
• motors for washing machinery
• single-phase motors for hydraulic junction boxes
• single-phase motors for air compressors

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