We produce electric motors and motor pumps

industrial pumps

Samec was founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of small electric pumps.

Over eh years, we have extended our production to include electric single-phase and three-phase engines.

Today, we no longer build electric pumps, but we do market them. We have focused our energies on designing and building electric engines.

We have gained a background of skills from our presence for over 40 years in the market, which we then provide for our clients.

Today, our core business is the production of electric motors and the marketing of pumps.

Our motors have a broad range of main applications:

  • centrifugal pumps
  • piston pumps for high-pressure washing machines
  • hydraulic junction boxes
  • air compressors
  • With years of experience on the market, we have developed deep knowledge of our products, their operation and the numerous fields of application.

Thanks to our long experience throughout these years of market presence, we have a good knowledge of the inherent issues about how our products function in the various applications mentioned above.

Our engines are built entirely in Italy, and the main components that we use are also made in Italy. At our facility, we have a test room that allows us to test our engines indoors and simulate many different working conditions.

Every product that leaves our facility is tested and properly equipped (test certification is included upon request). We are able to produce items that are personalised according to customer specifications.
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